Zhenai.com, Ranked 5th in Social Networking Category on App Store, Takes the Lead in the Online Dating Market

HONG KONG, April 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the recent data of Qimai, the dating app Zhenai.com is now ranked 5th on the list of top social networking apps and 15th in the social networking category of the Apple App Store. Additionally, it has been in the top 20 for the social networking category for one whole month, and it appears to be leading the race in the dating industry.

The App Store ranking is based on statistics such as the usage frequency of the app and the number of total downloads. The list is also one of the important criteria for measuring the popularity of corporate products. Zhenai.com has been extremely devoted to the vertical field of dating and matchmaking, and the fact that it has been ranked in the list of top 20 for social networking apps for a month shows its popularity among users.

In addition, the App Store has strict rules on selecting popular apps and uses data such as new user rates, user retention rates, and user activity. These metrics are important factors for the app's ranking evaluation. In the Mobile App Top 1,000 list released by Analysys Yiguan in February 2019, Zhenai.com was ranked first in the online dating industry, with 5.4 million active users and a month-on-month growth of more than 20.68%. These figures further explain why Zhenai.com is on the top apps list of the App Store.

For the dating market, the traditional online dating industry has become increasingly competitive over the past few years. How did Zhenai.com manage such an accomplishment in times of fierce competition?

1. The rising dividend market

According to data, the population of single Chinese individuals exceeds 200 million, and the population of singles in China has risen from 6% in 1990 to 14.6% in 2013. The arrival of the fourth 'single tide' in China has offered competitors in the dating industry a chance to capture a larger piece of the pie. According to data from Zhenai.com, the percentage of singles of the post-90s generation is now 43%; while the percentage of post-80s is 36%. The post-90s has become the main population of blind date participants. As digital natives, the post-90s have long been used to meeting new friends online and this means they are a natural fit for online dating platforms. The usage habits of the post-90s have also fostered the rapid development of the online dating market.

2. Younger and more entertaining communication methods

Zhenai.com has released 49 updates to its app since July 2017. The updates focus on enhancing interaction between users and providing more opportunities for self-expression on the platform. In addition, Zhenai.com has released innovative features like 1-on-1 live stream, multi-screen live stream, short video, status section, "spiritual horizon" test and others. All of these features allow users to better understand each other's attitude towards marriage, thoughts, personality and other multi-faceted aspects.

3. Scene-based and intelligent dating experience

There is a natural O2O demand in the dating industry, and offline meeting is a "necessity". In the design of dating scenes, with 14 years of experience in dating and matchmaking services, Zhenai.com has created a variety of scenes such as VR area, baking area, leather area, tea room, board game area, music area, sports area, assessment area and others. The dating system allows young people to choose the scenes according to their preferences. With the face recognition technology of the offline store, the system intelligently identifies the members whose identity information does not match, which greatly enhances the reliability of the matchmaking service. As of late, there are 68 offline interactive experience-style stores of Zhenai.com, covering 41 cities across China.

Zhenai.com catches the dividends of the dating market. The quick adaption to the changes of the user environment, up-to-date with social innovations and brand new upgraded scenario-based and intelligent experiences have help Zhenai.com attract young people's attention and create a new trend in online dating industry.