Zuoyebang Invites 200 Million Students to Attend Neighborhood Earth

The featured exhibition makes its debut in China

BEIJING, Oct. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Neighborhood Earth, a featured exhibition designed and produced by Chronica and developed in partnership with the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, the official NASA Visitor Information Center for the Marshall Space Flight Center, recently made its debut in China, providing some of the coolest interplanetary space experiences for anyone and everyone enamored by what our great universe has on offer.

China-based online education platform Zuoyebang is both the official and the primary online education partner as well as the exclusive knowledge contest sponsor of the exhibition. Leveraging its many years of experience in the online education sector, Zuoyebang recently launched the extraordinary "Neighborhood Earth - A Hundred Thousand Light Year Journey" online knowledge contest. Visitors to the platform can access the customized H5 file and answer the questions selected at random from a large database of possible questions. Those who answer six questions correctly will receive the astronaut certification and be given the opportunity to win tickets to the first Neighborhood Earth exhibition in China.

Since going live a week ago, the knowledge contest has attracted 5 million participants with many lucky students having already won tickets to the exhibition. Since opening, Neighborhood Earth has received substantial positive feedback from both parents and children across China. Children have expressed great curiosity about the exhibition while parents, after viewing the exhibition, have posted comments about the thrill of the journey on Weibo as well as on other popular Chinese social media channels.

Why did Neighborhood Earth choose Zuoyebang as its key education partner in China after the debut at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center? An executive at LinkA Exhibits, the exclusive representative of the Neighborhood Earth China Tour, explained that they selected Zuoyebang on the basis of its dominant position in the online education market and its 200 million plus userbase, giving more children the opportunity to see NASA exhibits as well as the curated exhibits from the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, both of which had previously never been available in China. Children were able to expand their knowledge about advanced space exploration and generally broaden their horizons. Zuoyebang has always been dedicated to the creation and expansion of popular science education products, which happens to coincide with the scientific spirit of the tour.

As the chief education partner responsible for the online marketing of the Neighborhood Earth China Tour, the director of the project at Zuoyebang explained that the online education platform regularly engages in ventures that involve comprehensive exploration as a way of helping school age children to not only focus on their studies, but to go beyond their personal limits, broadening their horizons and thinking. The China Tour provides a perfect opportunity for Zuoyebang to not only hold an online contest that is truly educational and knowledge-building in nature such as the "A Hundred Thousand Light Year Journey" but to also formally launch its own popular science lecture venue. This is just the beginning: Zuoyebang plans to continue rolling out popular scientific content, helping children to satisfy their curiosity about the world around us, while acquiring more scientific and technological knowledge.

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