Businessman converts water tower into dream home

PHOTO: Businessman converts water tower into dream home

The people of a small town in Belgium never thought much about an old abandoned water tower until Patrick Mets, a local businessman, decided to salvage it and call it his new home.

The 1938 tower was previously used by the Nazis in World War II and sits in the village of Steenokkerzeel.

In 2007, Mets hired architecture firm Bham Design Studio to help transform the dreary 30m-high structure into his dream home.

Architect Mauro Brigham managed to restore the vintage exterior of Chateau D’eau and renovated the entire building into a castle fit for a family and its pet cat.

Bham says on its website that the home is technologically savvy in every way. "Every room is equipped with the latest IT technology, domotics and the possibility to install projectors virtually anywhere on the top floor," it says in its portfolio.

Despite being modernised, the old tower has kept its old charm as main features of the tower were kept intact. These include a main water conduct, concrete ceilings, concrete stairs and a 250.000 liters concrete water basin, Bham says.

To add to its dreaminess, the architect included a central 4.5m-high shower in the walk-in bathroom "to maximise the water flow experience".

A panoramic terrace at the top and sixth storey also allows the tower's occupants a wonder view of the surrounding area, including an airport not far away.