Businessman Tong Djoe sued over unpaid loan

PHOTO: Businessman Tong Djoe sued over unpaid loan

INDONESIAN businessman Tong Djoe is being sued over an unpaid loan in what is his third court fight in as many years.

The 86-year-old is accused by China national Chen Qiling of failing to pay back 2 million yuan (S$390,000).

The case comes after Mr Tong - who made his money in shipping and was once prominent in Singapore's Chinese community - lost two separate lawsuits over artworks he sold that later turned out to be fakes.

A three-day hearing opened at the High Court yesterday.

The businessman first approached Ms Chen's brother for a loan in Singapore in 2008, the court heard. He later tried again during a trip to Xiamen, Fujian province.

The brother, who is the chairman of a waste- technology firm, said it was "not convenient" to extend the loan but asked Ms Chen to do so.

She then transferred the money to Mr Tong from her bank account in Fuzhou.

He returned to Singapore without signing an IOU. However Ms Chen, who is in her 30s, later arranged for her cousin in the Republic to have him sign one.

Mr Tong's defence is that the IOU states that he borrowed the funds from Ms Chen's brother - meaning she is not the one who lent him the money.

The hearing continues.