With the CableRobot Simulator, virtual reality gets real

Virtual reality is entering the mainstream, influencing such fields as medicine, military training and, of course, gaming. Consumer-grade devices like Samsung's Gear VR (made with virtual-reality pioneer Oculus) and Google's make-it-yourself Cardboard viewer have democratised the technology, but headsets are just the beginning. To make the most of VR's immersive possibilities, we need to involve not just the player's eyes and ears, but his gut, as well.

Behold the greatest gaming peripheral ever created: the CableRobot Simulator, created by Germany's Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics and unveiled this week during the Driving Simulation Conference & Exhibition in the town of Tübingen.

Designed with racing games and flight simulators in mind, this expansive motion-simulation setup, two years in the making, uses a polyhedron-shaped gondola suspended in a 200-cubic-metre hall by a system of eight wire cables.

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