Can Soccceroos squash Oranje?

Aussie actor Keagan Kang

What chance do the Socceroos have against a ruthless Dutch side?

Football is unpredictable. You can never tell - a single red card or injury can change the course of the match. It was quite a feat for the Dutch team to win 5-1 in their last match (against Spain). It will be a very hard match but I think we have a 35 per cent chance of winning.

Are the Socceroos the underdogs?

We are definitely underdogs against a strong Dutch side. But it will be a mistake to underestimate the Socceroos - we are a lot more bite than bark.

What do you think of the Socceroos?

They are not a team of household names, but that does not mean they are not good - they are still league players. We should not dismiss the diligence of the team that has worked hard to get to the World Cup.

Who will be the key player to make a difference?

(Tim) Cahill is a very key striker for us, given his past record in the tournament.

If you were the head coach, how would you approach the match?

I would say go on the offensive all the way, even in defence, by taking as much possession as possible and keeping up the pressure. We have nothing to lose playing against the odds and that's the advantage of being the underdogs.

How far can the Socceroos go in the tournament?

I think Australia have a chance of making it out of this tough group. The Socceroos embody the spirit of team pride and unison that I grew up learning about in Australia - and I think that spirit will shine through regardless of the result tomorrow.

Dutch ambassaDor to singapore: Jacques Werner

Given Holland's impressive form, surely the match will be a walkover for the Oranje?

As the football philosophers say, the football is round and the match doesn't end until the final whistle. Every match is one in itself. I was impressed with the resilience shown by the Australians against Chile despite them losing, so I think they stand a chance.

Is the team over-reliant on the likes of strikers Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben?

We are very conscious of the fact that weshould not be overdependent on them. The attacking trio (Wesley Sneijder, Robben and van Persie) have proved their worth, but more important is the fact that the team blended very well in terms of the experienced and younger players. We are a competent team with a few excellent players and some average ones and I think we will do well.

How far do you think the team will progress this year?

Although we are still euphoric from the last match, we must be realistic going into the next round. That's when the real tournament starts - there are no weak teams. The Dutch usually rely on momentum and we hope we can keep that going this time around.

Which team can stop Clockwork Orange?

There are many strong teams like Italy, Germany and Argentina, but Brazil have the special advantage of the "12th man" (the home supporters).

The men's team was beaten 6-1 at the Hockey World Cup final by the Australian Kookaburras last Sunday. Will the Dutch be looking for revenge?

It adds to the flavour of the contest. I don't want to underestimate the Australians, but I think we will win.

This article was first published on June 18, 2014.
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