Can you see it? New optical illusion sends netizens into guessing frenzy

Updated on April 22:

Did you manage to guess what the image is?

Click through this gallery for the answer.

Is it a black bird or a dissected cockroach?

For the past week, thousands of people have been at their wits' end on social media trying to figure out this optical illusion.

Savannah Root from Missouri recently shared a silhouette drawing on Facebook and it has since received more than 26,000 likes, 4,500 shares and 9,000 comments.

In the post she wrote: "I stared at this picture for an hour trying to figure out what it was."

She then invited others to comment on what they thought the image showed.

While some netizens managed to spot the hidden silhouette right away, many were left stumped for hours.

Others were frustrated when they could not work out what the image was.

"I never would have seen it. I had to check the comments," a Jennifer Alexander said.

This isn't the first time the Internet has taken an interest in deciphering optical illusions.

Back in February last year, the Internet broke over a heated debate on whether a dress was black or blue, with many claiming the dress was actually white and gold.

This morning (April 20), the AsiaOne team came together to have a crack at guessing what the hidden silhouette was and only a couple of us managed to guess it right.