Can your tastebuds handle the world's spiciest instant fried noodles?

The world's spiciest instant yakisoba (fried noodles) went on sale recently in Japan, and according to one reviewer, it definitely makes you sweat.

Almost like a warning are large letters that read 'WAY TOO MUCH HOT PEPPER printed on the package of the 'EDGE: DEVIL HOT' noodles reports, Dramafever and Gigazine.

"Contrary to how hot it looks, it's not like you feel pain when it goes in your mouth and down your throat," said an instant yakisoba connoisseur.

"It's not like habanero hot, they just use a lot of shichimin (Japanese seven spice red pepper)."

The connoisseur was apparently able to actually enjoy the flavor of the noodles, rather than be overwhelmed by its spiciness.

"My boss didn't even need water and ate the whole thing in one sitting" the yakisoba connoisseur added.

"I was fine too, but my tongue started stinging and I was sweating all around my nose. But that's it."

Devil Hot is only available for a limited time, so move fast to get your hands on them.

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