Cats recognise owners voice but choose to ignore it

A study from the University of Japan confirms that pet cats can recognise their owner's voice but they just choose to ignore it.

The reasons are perhaps rooted in the evolutionary history of the animal.

The study tested 20 cats in their own homes, playing them recordings of strangers calling their names and one of their owners voice.

The researchers analysed the cats' responses to each call by measuring various responses including ear, tail and head movement.

The cats showed more response to their owners, but still refused to move when called.

The reason for cats' less-than-eager behaviour might be traced back to the early domestication of the species, some 9,000 years ago.

According to the study, cats were introduced into society to feast on the rodent population that resulted from agricultural development.

This is opposed to dogs which were bred for specific tasks and trained to respond to commands.

That felines decline to respond to orders will come as no surprise to cat owners. - Wires

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