Cats run away from rats

A pest controller sprays rodent dusting powder into burrows at Tiong Bahru.

I refer to the article, Rats Alive (SundayLife!, Aug 4), on pest controllers combing Tiong Bahru to get rid of the rodents that have been seen in the estate over the last six months.

I have been a resident of Tiong Bahru estate for five years and have noticed that cats in the area are fed frequently, in fact, every day.

How then will the cats hunt the rats if they are not hungry? The cats in the area seem to be domesticated and I have even seen some of them running away from the rats.

Furthermore, some irresponsible cat-lovers do not bother to clean up after feeding the cats, leaving food on the walkway and at carparks.

Charles KohReader, The Straits Times