Changi Museum voted TripAdvisor's best museum in Singapore

Changi Museum voted TripAdvisor's best museum in Singapore

A war memorial museum has been voted the top-choice museum in Singapore on TripAdvisor's annual Traveller's Choice Awards.

The Changi Museum, located at Upper Changi Road North, documents significant events during the Japanese Occupation in World War II and also serves as an educational institution and resource centre.

The current site replaced the Old Changi Prison Chapel and Museum which were built in 1988, according to their website.

Some reviewers on TripAdvisor described their visit to the museum as emotional and many praised the attraction for being deeply informative.

Fans of Asian culture and history can visit the Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM) and Peranakan Museum, which came in second and third place respectively in the listing.

Located by the Singapore river, ACM is devoted to preserving the cultural heritage of Asia, including China, Southeast Asia, India and the Islamic world.

It used to occupy the former Tao Nan School Building on Armenian Street before its move to its present location. Today, the Peranakan Museum is housed at this Armenian Street building.

The museum has a rich resource of photographs and artefacts dedicated to showcasing the arts, life and culture of the Peranakan people.

Modern and contemporary art buffs can head over to the ArtScience Museum and Singapore Art Museum to see visionary and innovative art works from all over the world.

Coming in fourth in the listing, the ArtScience Museum recently hosted exhibitions by famed celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz and master painter Leonardo Da Vinci.

The Singapore Art Museum, or more commonly known as SAM, exhibits many art works of Asian artists and has a permanent collection by Singaporeans such as Donna Ong and Dawn Ng.

If you are holidaying in Singapore with kids, be sure to visit the Science Centre or the Mint Museum of Toys who were also voted into the top 10 list.

The Science Centre is a must-visit attraction for anyone with an imaginative mind. The site hosts many quirky, fun and interactive exhibits, puzzles and games for children and adults to learn and play.

Ever wondered how toys used to look like in the past? Then a walk through the Mint Museum of Toys will bring you back in time.

The museum showcases vintage toys including rare and unique childhood memorabilia from over 40 countries, according to their website.

If you are visiting Singapore, these are the 10 most popular museums you may wish to include in your itinerary.

Top 10 Travellers' Choice Museums in Singapore

1. The Changi Museum

2. Asian Civilisations Museum

3. Peranakan Museum

4. ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands

5. National Museum of Singapore

6. Singapore Philatelic Museum

7. Singapore Art Museum

8. Science Centre Singapore

9. The Maritime Experiential Museum

10. Mint Museum of Toys

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