Chewbacca Mum gets her own custom-made action figure

PHOTO: Facebook video screengrab

Internet sensation Candace "Chewbacca Mom" Payne has yet another reason to burst into her infectious laughter. Believe it or not, she now has her very own Hasbro action figure.

Last Friday (Jun 17), Payne and her family made a trip down to Hasbro's headquarters where she unveiled her personalised action figure in a Facebook live video.

Just like her original live video, the latest live video is nothing short of hilarious, and has since garnered over 2 million views.

Hasbro HQ FUN

Posted by Candace Payne on Friday, 17 June 2016

Entertainment Weekly reported that the action figure, which is of Payne as Chewbacca with a tiny removable mask, has 13 catchphrases - including her now-iconic laugh.

The unveiling happened to be a meet and greet event as well, and fans of Payne were able to take pictures with the viral star, Mashable said.

Ever since Payne's video of her wearing the Chewbacca mask took the Internet by storm, she has made several appearances on various talk shows and was even invited by Mark Zuckerberg himself to hang out at Facebook's headquarters in California.

Pictures of a gleeful-looking Payne cycling around the premise with the much-loved Star Wars character were quickly shared online.

The Texas mother-of-two also paid a visit to Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort earlier this month where she, of course, got to meet (and hug) Chewbacca.

Even though her latest video did not receive as many views as the original clip that broke Facebook's record, it looks like Chewbacca Mom's 15 minutes of fame is far from over.

Payne's figurine might not be out in stores yet, but instead of asking fans to buy the Chewbacca mask that propelled her to fame, she recommended they pick up another Hasbro classic - the Monopoly board game.