China waitress eats cockroach found in dish after diner complains

When a businessman complained about finding a cockroach in his stir-fried bittergourd dish, the restaurant's waitress insisted it was "perfectly normal" to find a cockroach in a restaurant and ate it in front of him.

The incident was caught on camera by the man's dining companion, reported The Daily Mail.

Businessman Zhang Yen, 43, was dining in a restaurant at Jinsha Era Plaza in Chengdu, China. He and his friend ordered two dishes, including stir-fried bittergourd (干遍苦瓜).

"We ate half the dish. At first, I thought it might be dried chilli," Mr Zhang told Zhejiang Television (ZTV-7) reporters in Mandarin. When he looked closely, he realised that it was a cockroach, and called a waitress over.

However, the waitress Jin Kuo told him that he'll find cockroaches in every restaurant, and that it was normal.

Mr Zhang was upset and told her in a fit of anger that she should eat the cockroach to settle the matter. To his shock, Ms Jin picked up the bug from his plate and popped it into her mouth.

When asked by a person off-camera why she did that, Ms Jin replied that Mr Zhang said the matter would be resolved if she ate the cockroach.

Mr Zhang was left speechless and agreed to pay for his meal.

During the commotion, the restaurant manager rushed over and assured Mr Zhang that she will have a meeting with her staff to explain how they should handle such situations, and that she will deduct Ms Jin's pay.

The restaurant manager also explained that the cockroach may have fallen from the ceiling due to the heat when cooking.

Similar incidents

Restaurant manager swallows condom 'found' in dish
The Star/ANN

A restaurant manager swallowed a condom after some customers allegedly discovered it in a dish at a restaurant in Hefei, China, China Press reported.

A customer known only as Liang said she found the condom with the baked fish after eating the dish for 30 minutes with two of her friends on May 9, 2014.

One of Liang's friends suffered stomach ache and vomited but Liang claimed the restaurant refused to call for an ambulance.

The manager claimed that the customers asked her to swallow the condom to settle the issue or the restaurant had to compensate them. However, Liang and her friends insisted that they did not ask the manager to swallow the condom.

A worker of the restaurant said in theory, any condom would have melted as the dish was baked at high temperatures, but the customers insisted that the condom was there when the dish was served. Apparently, Liang and her friends asked for 100,000 yuan (about S$20,000) as compensation.


Restaurant manager swallows cockroach
The Daily Chilli

A restaurant manager swallowed a cockroach discovered in a customer's dish to destroy evidence.

The incident occurred when Huang Xiaogang and friends were having a meal at a restaurant in Caidian of Wuhan province, China in May 2010.

Huang spotted a black object in the pot of mushrooms and picked it up with his chopsticks.

He was shocked to find out that it was a dead cockroach and complained to the restaurant manager, Wuhan Wanbao reported.

The manager joked that the insect had been "sterilised in high temperature" and was not dirty anymore.

He also assured them that the insect would not cause any harm to their health.

Then, he picked up the insect and swallowed it.

The manager later told health officers that he was worried that the customers would demand high compensation and he swallowed the cockroach to destroy evidence.

He waived Huang's bill of 570 yuan (S$116).