1 killed, 6 injured in China after flying off glass slide


They were looking for a thrill at a scenic spot but a family in China ended up in great pain after going on a popular ride.

A man was killed, and six of his relatives were injured after he crashed through the guardrail of a 260-metre-long glass slide in Guangxi on June 5.

After the guardrail gave way, the victim flew off the slide and landed on the ground about 7 metres away. He suffered multiple skin lacerations and died from severe head injuries in hospital.

Two others with multiple fractures are now in stable condition after undergoing surgery, according to online news site Guancha.

"We were halfway down the slide when it started raining. It was very slippery. We could not even grab onto the rail," one of the injured riders, Ms Yuan told reporters.

Due to the rain, they slid down at a pace that was faster than usual. And the gloves and cloth pads the riders had with them did not help to slow their descent.

glass slide

"The slide operator did not tell us to wait before the next person went on the ride, everything happened quickly," she said.

Ms Yuan, who was the third person to go down the slide, was closely followed by a few of her relatives.

When the woman reached the end of the ride and was about to stand up, she was knocked down by those behind her.

Safety issues aside, Chinese media reported that the glass slide had been operating without approval since it opened in Sept 2018.

The attraction was shut down following the accident. Local authorities also detained the person in charge of the ride while investigations are ongoing.

Just last month, two people were killed and twelve others were hurt after falling off a slide in an amusement park in Sichuan.


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