2 boys cling to moving bus for 3 hours in order to find their parents

It was a ride of a lifetime for two young boys from Guangxi, China, who were found clinging on to the undercarriage of a bus that had been on the road for about three hours.

The reason? They were hitching a ride to a nearby town in hopes of finding their parents.

Photos of the young boys, aged around eight or nine, went viral on social media last Thursday (Nov 23).

Turns out, the pair had snuck out of school that morning, and hid themselves in a bus bound for Baise village in Xilin county, where they'd heard that their parents were working.

The boys after they were rescued.Photo: Weibo

Amazingly, they managed to hang on as the bus traversed 80km across unpaved roads and "steep slopes", eventually reaching the bus station at Xilin county at around noon.

The pair were found caked in mud when they were rescued by security workers who were conducting checks on the bus after passengers had disembarked, reported local news site Southern Morning Post.

One worker told the paper that they could fit in the undercarriage their because their bodies were really thin.

Unsurprisingly, their discovery created a stir.

"The workers who found them only calmed down when they realised the children were unharmed," said the station worker.

According to reports, the boys' parents actually worked in Guangdong province, but relatives told them that they worked in Baise, which is closer, to make them 'feel better'.

Station workers eventually fed them and cleaned them up before they were picked up by their teachers.

Their story has put focus on the plight of China's 'left-behind children', reported the South China Morning Post, where about 23 million children are abandoned in rural China as their parents move to bigger cities to find work.