21-year-old air stewardess killed by ride-sharing driver in China

PHOTO: Video screengrab

China's Didi Chuxing has offered a reward of up to 1 million yuan (S$211,000) for information concerning the whereabouts of a driver suspected of killing an air stewardess as the woman was using the company's ride-sharing service.

The 21-year-old hitchhiked in Liu Zhenhua's car via Didi's app as she left the airport area to go to the train station in the Henan provincial capital of Zhengzhou on Saturday night (May 5).

The young woman surnamed Li told her colleagues via WeChat soon after she entered the car that the driver said she was beautiful and wanted to kiss her.

Li, however, did not heed her colleagues' advice of getting off the ride.

She left her hotel at around 11.50 pm after she took a shower and changed her clothes. Li was to take a train at 1am on Sunday to go back home to Shandong for a relative's wedding ceremony, The Paper reported.

When they failed to get in touch with Li on Sunday, her worried family began to contact Didi and the police.

A day later, they were told that Li's body had been found and there were knife wounds on it.

"We feel deeply sad and guilty that passenger Miss Li has been murdered. Our sincere apology to Miss Li's family. As a ride-sharing platform, we betrayed the trust of our customers. We have an inescapable responsibility for the incident," said Didi in an online statement.

The company also said it has established a special team to co-operate with the police in searching for the suspect.

Didi has made public the driver's name, headshot, ID number and cell phone number, hoping the public will provide clues to the suspect's whereabouts.

According to a police statement, surveillance footage showed the 27-year-old male suspect abandoning his car and jumping into a river after reportedly killing the woman.

A friend of the victim said Li was the only child in her family and had been working as an air stewardess for about a year.

Photo: Reuters