American-Chinese girl who went missing when she was 5 reunited with parents in China after 13 years

PHOTO: Weibo

A teenager who went missing as a child and was later adopted has been reunited with her birth family in China after 13 years.

The tearful reunion took place at the Guangzhou Baiyun Interna­tional Airport on Sunday, Guang Ming Daily reported.

Eighteen-year-old Kylee Bowers, whose birth name is Liang Jinglang, got lost on her way home in Zhong­shan, Guang­dong, in 2005.

A stranger found the then five-year-old girl and took her to a police station.

Photo: Weibo/Shunde Police Station

As she could not give police many details, she was sent to the Zhong­shan Children’s Welfare Insti­tute and was adopted by an Amer­ican couple when she was 12.

In April, Bowers contacted the media and a website that reunites parents with their missing children. Her biological father read about her story and contacted her in May.

Communication and a DNA test followed, confirming his paternity.