Beijing considers new regulations to safeguard public health

People line up to get tested for coronavirus at the Guang'an Sport Centre following an unexpected spike of Covid-19 cases in Beijing, China, June 15, 2020.
PHOTO: Reuters

Beijing's lawmaking body considered new regulations on Tuesday in an effort to strengthen the building of the capital's public health system.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the city's lawmakers were drafting Beijing's first emergency regulations for public health emergencies to cope with the management of public health emergencies and safeguard the safety of the capital.

A series of new measures were being rolled out.

For example, retail pharmacies and medical and urban sewage treatment plants will serve as satellite surveillance sites, while information on public health emergencies will be collected through internet medical and health service platforms, said Cong Luoluo, chairman of the social development affairs committee with the Beijing Municipal People's Congress.

Earlier in June, a three-year action plan released by the Beijing municipal city government indicated by the end of 2022, satellite sites for fever screening will cover 189 community health service centres, and a multi-layered public health emergency monitoring system will soon be established.

"It's important to take precautions against public health emergencies, with standardizing preparations to ensure timely detection of risks," said Li Fuying, director of Beijing Justice Bureau.

"The draft regulations also provide new direction for governments at different levels to establish a monitoring system for public health emergencies and attract public health experts."

Anyone who committed acts such as fabricating or deliberately disseminating false information on the development of public health emergencies, and was proved to have a serious impact on epidemic response, will be punished by public security organs in accordance with laws, according to the draft regulations.

And those acts which constitute a crime will be given criminal liability.

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