Beijing kindergarten teacher jailed for child abuse

Chinese police have launched an investigation into alleged child abuse at a Beijing pre-school after parents said toddlers were apparently jabbed with needles and given mysterious pills.

Beijing's Chaoyang District People's Court sentenced former kindergarten teacher Liu Yanan to 18 months' jail for child abuse on Friday.

It also ordered that Liu be prohibited from working in childcare for five years after finishing her sentence or being placed on parole.

Liu, who worked at the Beijing RYB kindergarten in the district's Xintiandi community, used needle-like objects to "discipline" four students in November 2017, "which brought physical and psychological damage to the children", the court said.

"Children are our future and their legitimate rights cannot be violated," it said. "Liu didn't shoulder her responsibility of looking after, protecting and educating students as a teacher, and her behaviour has breached the Criminal Law."

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Liu was detained on Dec 29 last year after the parents of four children - all aged around 3 - found needle marks on the children's bodies.

Prosecutors charged her with child abuse in May.

A citywide safety inspection of kindergartens was conducted once the case was exposed, with the Beijing Education Commission ordering all institutions to make immediate improvements and reduce potential risks.

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