Bulldozer falls from truck onto passing car in Hong Kong

There were two people inside the Tesla sedan when the accident happened. Both escaped serious injury.
PHOTO: Facebook

A bulldozer fell off the back of a truck and onto a car carrying two women on a road in northern Hong Kong on Thursday.

The driver and passenger inside the stricken Tesla escaped serious injury.

As the truck approached Tsat Sing Kong on Kam Tin Road, the bulldozer fell from the back of it at about 12.20, according to police.

The red car was travelling in the opposite direction, heading to Yuen Long, and was hit and partly crushed by the falling vehicle.

A force spokesman said it seemed "the truck suddenly broke down and the bulldozer fell down and hit the car in the opposite lane".

The car was heading towards Yuen Long when the truck, heading in the other direction, lost its cargo. Photo: Facebook

A spokeswoman said the driver of the car, 37, and her passenger - a woman, 28 - suffered no obvious injuries, but complained of neck pain. They were taken to the nearby Pok Oi Hospital.

Police said the 30-year-old driver of the truck was unhurt, and passed a breathalyser test.

By 2pm, that section of Kam Tin Road was still closed to traffic.

Separately, the driver of a white Audi escaped unscathed after his car ran out of control, mounted the pavement, knocked down a traffic sign and railings, and overturned on Lei Yue Mun Road, Yau Tong, just after 7am.

Police said the man, 29, was arrested for dangerous driving after failing a breathalyser test.

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.