Cheating Chinese bride has wedding dress sex with other man on eve of nuptials

The lover of a cheating Chinese bride - who humiliated her bridegroom by having sex with the other man on the eve of their wedding - has sparked an online storm by releasing salacious details of their explicit internet chats.
PHOTO: South China Morning Post

A Chinese bride-to-be who dressed up in her wedding gown to have sex with another man on the eve of her marriage ceremony has been forced to go into hiding following a furious online backlash over her behaviour.

The scandal involving lurid details, broken trust and family heartbreak has touched a raw nerve on mainland social media and online soul-searching over the sanctity of marriage.

The woman’s actions were first revealed when explicit online sexual conversations she had with the other man, who uses the online nickname Xiaobailong - which means Little White Dragon in English - were made public by him “to show off his ability to charm”, according to the news portal

Explicit chats between the cheating Chinese bride and her boastful lover were posted online
PHOTO: Weibo

An avalanche of internet condemnation of the woman, surnamed Wu, followed as the explicit posts were widely circulated on the internet.

Wu’s bridegroom, who lives in the city of Zhangjiajie in central China’s Hunan province, was told about the treachery on the eve of the couple’s wedding ceremony - they had already legally registered the marriage - by a friend on November 9.

The heartbroken husband said he had reported the matter to the police “to protect his rights” and had filed for divorce.

Two days before the wedding, the bride chatted with Xiaobailong - a man she had sex with multiple times before - and showed him photos of her dressed in the wedding gown, telling him her new home address.

Xiaobailong then proposed they have sex the next day – just 24 hours before the nuptials - and Wu agreed.

He then suggested what he described as the “brave idea” of not using contraceptive protection, adding: “Leave it up to God. Let’s see whose baby you will be pregnant with.”

“Leave it up to God. I am not afraid,” replied Wu.

Xiaobailong then suggested inviting another man to join them and asked Wu to wear her wedding dress for the threesome encounter. Wu agreed to this, saying: “I feel I am bad because I also want this.” It is not known if the third man joined them.

The bride, surnamed Wu, who agreed to wear her wedding dress for the illicit sex session, has gone into hiding.
PHOTO: Douyin.

The next day the wedding ceremony went ahead as planned.

Despite the illicit sex she had with another man 24-hours earlier, the wedding of the cheating bride went ahead as planned.
PHOTO: Weibo

It was then that a boastful Xiaobailong shared his conversation with Wu in a WeChat group, telling a person in the group who asked what would happen if Wu fell pregnant, “It’s none of my business who will be the father.”

After being made aware of the incident, the enraged husband, said he reclaimed 200,000 yuan (S$39,000) worth of betrothal gifts he had given to her family in keeping with Chinese tradition.

As the public clamour of condemnation grew online and around the city of Zhangjiajie, following the publication of photos of Wu and husband, the treacherous bride left town.

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The bridegroom said the scandal has affected his health to the extent that he needed hospital treatment. His mother has also been hospitalised after falling ill due to the humiliation, reported.

“This incident has had a big impact on both families. I hope everybody would not be so mean,” the bridegroom said on Douyin. “Adults should be responsible for what they say and do. The internet is still governed by law.”

His Douyin account was flooded with messages from netizens trying to comfort him.

“No-one is laughing at you, bro. You are a good man,” one said.

“You are lucky to have found out the truth in a timely manner, or you would have been cheated on for your whole life,” said another.

A third person wrote: “This case makes me feel frightened about getting married.”

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.