China heatwave: Man embraces heat to play 'basketball', grandma buys cool treats for firefighters, police save man from potential heatstroke

A man embraces the heat wave (left) while an elderly woman sends sweet treats to firefighters.
PHOTO: South China Morning Post

The heat could not stop one man in southwest China from his favourite sport, and he braved the soaring temperatures to transform a concrete slab into a “basketball court” using cobs of corn for the lines.

The game also featured a hoop that was significantly taller than a traditional court . It also had a basket, with a hole cut out of the bottom, placed on top to act as the rim and net. Fans of basketball would know that this hoop style was similar to the earliest renditions of the sport.

In a video published by the Chinese news outlet the man, Liao Jiadong, videotaped himself shooting hoops, which looked far more challenging than traditional basketball because of the hoop’s height and the fact that it did not have a backboard.

Liao, who said he ran track and field and enjoys basketball, thought of the idea because it is currently corn season in Sichuan. He used dozens of corn cobs to “draw” the three-point, free throw and boundary lines.

Liao said he played the sport everywhere such as in fields and the woods.

Many online users were inspired by Liao’s passion for this personal twist on basketball. One person wrote: “His tanned skin proved the heatwave could not stop his love for the game.”

The elderly woman drives off after delivering her gifts to the firefighters.
PHOTO: Weixin

An older woman in China sent two boxes of ice cream to the local fire station in the eastern province of Shandong as a way to thank them for their work and offer them a treat to cool them down during the heatwave.

The firefighters recognised the woman when they discovered a handwritten letter inside a plastic bag. The lady, who claimed to be an ordinary person, expressed her appreciation for their hard work and added that they must protect themselves from the heat when they are on duty.

The firefighters said it was not the first time they had received warm-hearted gifts from the lady. Over the past two years, she had sent 90 pairs of handmade shoe paddings.

On Weibo, the Guangxi Fire and Rescue Department Ministry of Emergency Management from south China wrote: “This is very sweet, we hope she stays healthy”.

A video shows a delivery driver working to recover from a potential heatstroke:
PHOTO: Weixin

Officers at a local police station in eastern China saved a food delivery man suffering from a potential heatstroke by allowing him to use the building to cool down while calling the emergency department.

The unnamed delivery man in Zhejiang province stopped his motorbike outside the station and stumbled inside last Sunday night.

He said he was suffering from body pains, shaking hands, dizziness and his face was pale.

Officer Cao Liyuan walked over to the man and began to fan him and keep him relaxed while he called the emergency department.

On Tuesday afternoon, the man returned to the police station and expressed his thanks by bowing deeply. He said he might have fainted if they had not offered their help.

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.