China killer caught after using same method to kill wife and girlfriend

Police say they became suspicious because the well is so easy to escape from.
PHOTO: Weibo

A man in northeast China has confessed to drowning his girlfriend in a well five years after he escaped prosecution when his wife died in similar circumstances, according to local media reports.

The man, identified only by his surname Zhang, was arrested on suspicion of pushing his 51-year-old girlfriend, named Li, into a well and trying to make it look like an accident, the Liaoshen Evening News reported.

But police became suspicious and he eventually admitted that he killed both women using the same technique.

He told officers that he killed Li because she constantly doubted his loyalty and had threatened to tell police how his wife had died.

Police told the newspaper that Zhang had confessed to hiding in Li's home in Huludao in Liaoning province on April 28 before ambushing her and pushing her into the well.

He then hit her with a bucket and gave her an electric shock as she tried to climb out of the well.

To cover up the crime, he then used Li's mobile phone to exchange messages with his own phone, to make it look as if he had been somewhere else at the time.

But police were sceptical that it had been an accident because the well was so easy to climb out of, officer Xing Guangjiang told the newspaper.

Zhang was detained two days later, and confessed to murdering his wife in August 2014.

He told them he pushed her into a vat of water and held her head under the surface. He told police that they had been arguing frequently since she discovered he had been cheating on her.

He was able to convince her family that it had been an accident and no one contacted police.

Zhang admitted what he had done to Li, but told police he did not expect she would become distrustful and threaten to expose him to police.

This article was first published in South China Morning Post