China workers ready to receive year-end bonuses, averaging $1,500

PHOTO: Reuters

With the year of 2017 passing byover and the Spring Festival just one month away, white- collar workers in China are eager to pocket in their year-end bonuses, which is estimated to average at 7, 278 yuan (S$1,497), according to the latest survey from the online recruitment platform

About 66 per cent of white-collar workers surveyed by the platform said they will get a year-end bonus, marking a surge from the proportion of less than 40 per cent in 2016, the report said.

Geographically speaking, workers in Shanghai overtook those in Beijing to get the largest cash bonuses. They can earn 11,913 yuan (S$2,450) on average.

Amid the current tech boom across China, IT programmers are showered with the most generous bonuses, with an average of 11,776 yuan. People who work in the financial industry used to take the top spot but in 2017, their bonus is declining slightly, the report said, without elaborating on the size of the survey sample.

Though 84.5 per cent of employees said they receive cash as a bonus, some companies also send out unexpected things such as durian, diamonds or toilet paper, the report added.

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