'China's No 1 uncle': Man dresses as Transformer to surprise his disabled nephew

'Surrounded by love': uncle dressed as Bumblebee robot from Transformers fanchise picks up nephew from school as a surprise before summer break.
PHOTO: Weibo

A video of a man in China dressed as a robot from the fictional Transformers series while picking up his four-year-old nephew from kindergarten delights online viewers.

The man's nephew, nicknamed Sensen, was born without a left hand, said his mother, surnamed Chen, a resident in Luohe of Henan province, central China, news site Dami Video reported.

Earlier this week, the boy's uncle said he wanted to pick up Sensen from kindergarten before the summer holiday started and dressed in the Bumblebee costume as a surprise for the boy, according to Chen.

He spent about 50 minutes putting on the costume which weighs about 20kg.

'When his uncle appeared outside the kindergarten to pick up Sensen, he was totally shocked,' the boy's mother says.
PHOTO: Weibo

It was a hot day and he was sweating a lot as seen in a video that showed him taking off the Bumblebee costume.

"When his uncle, dressed like that, appeared outside the kindergarten to pick him up, he was totally shocked," Chen said.

While Sensen held the hand of Bumblebee with his right hand to walk alongside, many children and their parents were so curious about the character costume they gathered beside the uncle and the nephew, with some taking videos with their mobile phones.

"As my boy doesn't have a left hand, we try to bring him surprises or do things to emphasise a sense of ceremony in our everyday life," the mother said. "His uncle loves him. Any toy I tell him that Sensen likes, he will buy it right away."

The uncle's novel appearance soon became a trending topic on social media.

"He is 'China's No 1 good uncle'," wrote one person on Weibo.

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"I think the boy can brag about this experience until he graduates from primary school," another user said.

A third user commented: "Although Sensen has a physical defect, his life is full of love."

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.