Chinese boy abandoned in kindergarten

A Chinese boy returned from kindergarten to a locked and empty home, realising later that his parents had abandoned him.

The incident happened last Tuesday (May 16) in Zhejiang, China.

The boy, Xiao Rong told teachers that his mother had left his father a month back, and he lived with his father alone in their home, reports The Coverage.

Xiao Rong's father had dropped him off at a local kindergarten in which the boy was enrolled, but did not show up when it was time for his son's dismissal, despite having always been punctual.

After half an hour, the boy began to cry and asked to go home.

Worried, Looi, the boy's teacher tried calling Xiao Rong's father's phone, but could not reach him as it had been switched off.

The school teachers also tried dropping the boy's father a message on WeChat but did not receive a reply.

Photo: Weibo

Realising that something was amiss, the teachers opened Xiao Rong's bag, discovering that it had been stuffed full of winter clothing.

They quickly brought Xiao Rong back home, only to find that the doors to the house had been locked and there was no one in the premise.

Realising what had transpired, the precocious boy calmly told his teachers:

"My father has gone back to Guizhou."

The teachers then brought him to lodge a police report and the boy spent the night at his teacher's home.

The boy also became reticent after the incident.

Attempts to reach the boy's father were fruitless, and when the teacher managed to reach the boy's mother, she reportedly told them that she was stationed outside the province and would not return as she was afraid of getting beaten up.

Two days after lodging the report, the police managed to track down the boy's parents.

Investigations also revealed that the couple were having a domestic dispute, and Xiao Rong's mother had found a new job in Guizhou.

Although both agreed to pick up Xiao Rong at a police station after being instructed to do so, none had shown up as of 6pm on Tuesday (May 22).