Chinese bride drives bus to wedding

Forget the romance of a horse-drawn carriage - this couple in eastern China decided to go green and drive to their wedding in a new energy bus.

Wu Zheng and Sun Hai tied the knot in Qingdao, Shandong province, on Sunday.

"I actually met my husband on the bus," said Wu, who works as a bus driver in the coastal city.

The bride, the groom, and the bus

  • Wu Zheng drives a new energy bus to her wedding in Qingdao's Huangdao district on Sunday.
  • Wu steps off the bus hand in hand with her groom, Sun Hai.
  • The couple enjoy a special moment with family and friends in front of the buses.
  • Wu gets behind the wheel on her wedding day.
  • Sun looks lovingly at his wife as they travel to their wedding ceremony.
  • Wu steers the bus while Sun takes a rest in a passenger seat.

"I love my job. The bus I drive is like a friend, so I wanted it to be a part of my wedding."

Wu drove one bus while five others followed behind with the wedding guests.

The couple said their choice of nuptial carriage was to promote low-carbon transportation and raise awareness about environmental protection.