Chinese CCTV captures terrifying attack on woman as she walks home alone

CCTV footage shows the woman being attacked near her hotel in the early hours of Saturday morning.
PHOTO: Weibo/临沂爆料

A man has been arrested for robbing and assaulting a woman as she walked alone to her hotel in the early hours of the morning in northwest China, local police said on Monday.

Closed-circuit television footage circulated online shows the woman being dragged and beaten to the ground by a man at the side of a road at about 2am on Saturday, near her hotel in Pucheng county, Shaanxi province.

He slaps and beats the woman, dragging her by the hair, then grabs her bag and steals her phone and cash.

The suspect, surnamed Wei, was arrested on Monday afternoon and admitted responsibility, police said, adding that the investigation was continuing.

"In the early morning of August 3, the police station received a call from a citizen, surnamed Liu, claiming that she was brutally robbed and beaten by a man," Pucheng police said on Monday.

Liu, who works in a nearby karaoke bar, said she was walking to the hotel from work when the man suddenly attacked and robbed her. "I kept shouting for help, but there was no one around and he tried to keep me silent by beating me," Shanghai-based news site quoted her on Monday as saying.

After the incident, Liu went back to her workplace and contacted the police. Her bag was later found in an alley, with her phone and 700 yuan (S$137.44) missing. Liu said her leg, jaw and neck were hurt during the ordeal but she was not seriously wounded.

"My wife cannot sleep well at night after the robbery incident, and the stolen 700 yuan was part of our children's tuition fees," Liu's husband was quoted in the report as saying.

Liu said she was afraid to revisit the scene of the attack. "I feel uncomfortable when I watch the CCTV video," she told Thepaper.

Last week, a young woman in central China suffered a serious injury when she was attacked and stabbed by a man with a fruit knife at around 1am. The suspect was arrested on Friday.

This article was first published on South China Morning Post.