Chinese hero-doctor who saved lives during Henan flooding hired by local hospital

A doctor in Zhengzhou is being praised for his heroism after he used CPR to save the lives of people who had fainted because of a lack of oxygen at a flooded subway station.

A medical graduate who saved over a dozen people in a flooded subway station during major flooding in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou on Tuesday (July 20) was officially hired by a local hospital.

Zhengzhou People’s Hospital detailed the actions of Yu Yifei in an article on WeChat. Yu was on the first day of his probation for a new job and was trapped in a subway when Zhengzhou experienced severe flooding caused by Typhoon In-fa .

The storm killed 51 people as of noon on Friday and affected around 3 million residents.

Yu Yifei performed CPR in the subway station for six hours. PHOTO:

Yu happened to be part of a lucky group and was among the first batch of people evacuated from the subway after the train stopped, the lights were extinguished and water started to flow into the cabins.

The water was still ankle-high when he reached the ground-level floor, but he heard people stuck in the subway yelling for a doctor. He returned to the flooded train and helped six adults and six children escape the carriages.

He then helped dress the wounds of some passengers and apply CPR to people who had fainted because of a lack of oxygen in the carriages. It is estimated he saved the lives of 10 people using CPR.

“You are the pride of our hospital. Because of your courageous performance in the subway station, the hospital has decided to end your probation period and to recruit you as an employee. From today on, you are a true doctor,” a senior official from the hospital told Yu on Thursday, according to the article.

As the situation became dire, Yu taught some young passengers the basics of CPR to try to rescue more lives.

Yu also saved a doctor who was experiencing shock. After the doctor rested for a short while, he also joined the rescue efforts.

Eventually, the professional rescue team arrived and Yu was relieved of his duties.

After hearing about his heroism, the Zhengzhou People’s Hospital decided to end his probation and offer him a job immediately. PHOTO: Baidu

On Tuesday, when Yu was working to rescue the subway passengers, his father became worried when he could not contact his son and went out into the rain to look for him.

Yu encountered his father at 4am after wading in waist-level water for four hours.

An overwhelming wave of praise has poured in online to support Yu.

“Well done, white-gowned fighter!” wrote one person on WeChat.

Another person said: “He has actually passed the most strict probation period’s assessment test.”

Yu received his master’s degree diploma from the University College London and majored in orthopaedics.

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.