Chinese kindergarten teacher fired for forcing children out into hot sun as a punishment

Pictures of the two children being exposed to the sun triggered an outcry online.
PHOTO: Screengrab from Miaopai video

A private kindergarten teacher in eastern China, has been fired for forcing two children to go out into the burning sun as a punishment for playing in the dormitory during nap time.

A short video posted on social media showing the boy lying down in the playground while a girl stood next to him holding a quilt drew an immediate online backlash.

According to reports from Minnan news, a local news portal in Fujian province, the pair were ordered to go out into the playground for disturbing the other children's naps on Wednesday, when the temperature reached a high of 33 degrees Celsius (91 degrees Fahrenheit).

Taking a noontime nap is a common practice across much of China to ensure children will have more energy during the afternoon.

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The next day, the government of Zhangzhou announced that the teacher had been fired and the private Da Feng Che kindergarten ordered to close.

A number of incidents of teachers mistreating children have emerged in China in recent years. reported earlier this month that a kindergarten teacher had been jailed for 18 months for sticking needles in children and feeding them pills at a kindergarten in Beijing.

Last December, a primary schoolteacher from Huating in Gansu province was suspended and investigated for allegedly using a plastic water pipe to beat a third-year pupil who could not remember English words correctly, leaving the boy's arms swollen and bruised, according to The Beijing News.

This article was first published in the South China Morning Post.