Chinese man accidentally pays $30,000 for steamed bun

PHOTO: Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network

People make mistakes, but it isn't everyday that someone mistakenly pays $30,000 for one order of steamed bun.

This is exactly what happened to one Chinese man, after He Liuzhu, the owner of a takeaway food outlet in Zhengzhou, Henan province in China, discovered the customer electronically paid for his bun with the staggering amount of 150,000 yuan (S$31,620). As per the Zhengzhou Evening News via The South China Morning Post on May 9, He Liuzhu is now trying to trace the customer to give him a refund.

The steamed buns usually cost only 1.50 yuan (S$0.32). He Liuzhu believes the customer probably mistakenly entered his PIN number in the bar for cost of goods while transferring his payment money electronically.

"The store has been open for seven or eight years and every month makes over 10,000 yuan," He Liuzhu said in the report. "The 140,000 is equivalent to a year's income."

The transaction error has since been reported to Alipay, the electronic payment provider. He Liuzhu also checked the footage of his surveillance camera. However, the customer, still unnamed, bought his steamed bun at the peak hour of 5 p.m. when many people were also buying buns; thus He Liuzhu was not able to distinguish his face from the crowd.

Thus far, the customer still hasn't been traced.