Chinese man lifts sleeping woman's eyelids to scan irises and steal $32k from Alipay

Quirky China news: man uses sleeping woman’s irises to access Alipay app and a new blogger who films himself doing mundane activities is a hit.
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A man was found guilty of having stolen 150,000 yuan (S$32,000) from his ex-girlfriend by lifting her eyelids while she slept to use her irises to get past the facial recognition check on the Alipay app. A court in Nanning, in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, southern China, sentenced the man, surnamed Huang, to three and a half years in jail recently, the Beijing Evening News reported.

At the end of last year, he went to his ex-girlfriend’s home, telling her that he wanted to discuss with her the return of 60,000 yuan (US$9,427) he had borrowed from her when they were still dating. The woman was sick that day and fell asleep.

Huang then unlocked her mobile phone with her fingerprint and lifted her eyelids to use her irises to access Alipay’s facial recognition system. Huang told the court that he needed the money to pay off his gambling debts, the report said.

New blogger finds fame as rustic Li Ziqi

A farmer in northeastern China has shot to fame in recent weeks with short videos about his everyday life in the countryside and has been called by some the raw version of famous blogger Li Ziqi.

Zhang Kai, whose account name on Douyin is Classmate Zhang, has accumulated 16 million fans on the platform since he started to upload videos two months ago. Some of his videos have been viewed up to 200 million times, news portal reported.

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Compared with Li’s delicate videos about making food and traditional handicraft, Zhang’s are much more rustic and down-to-earth. Some clips are just recordings of him getting up from bed, washing his face, feeding his chickens or watching DVDs on an old television set.

Most of the videos are filmed in a shabby bungalow in a village in Yingkou, Liaoning in northeastern China. Earlier this month, the local firefighting authority alerted him not to use a pink electrical power board that appeared frequently in his video because it had a high risk of catching fire. The traffic police authority also reminded the 35-year-old blogger not to ride a motorcycle without wearing a helmet, and that he should not let people sit on a tricycle, as he did in some video footage.

Food delivery man quits after abusive customer says she is ‘god’

A food delivery man quits after abusive customer says she is ‘god’ A food delivery man has resigned after being abused and humiliated by a customer who told him she is “his God” and claimed she could order him to do things outside his normal duties.

The chat record between the courier and the customer, who is a first-year student at a college in Hefei, Anhui province, eastern China, showed that she also cursed him by saying: “you should act like my son”, and: “you are in the service industry, don’t you know how to serve people?”

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The row broke out when the delivery man asked the woman why she did not say thank you after she asked him to deliver food a second time to a new address after he had already gone to the address she initially provided. The incident has caught public attention after the delivery man released the chat record online last week, the Xiaoxiang Morning Herald reported.

While most internet users blamed the customer, her college called on the public to be tolerant and give her a chance to apologise. Asking customers to say thank you is the number one request from delivery workers to customers, according to a survey by the food delivery platform Meituan.

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.