Chinese pro gamer fired after live streaming abuse of girlfriend

PHOTO: Weibo

Chinese professional gamer Li Wei Jun, better known by his gaming moniker "Vasilii", was fired from his team last week, after a domestic violence incident was caught on live stream.

Li was streaming himself playing the popular online game League of Legends last Thursday (Oct 26) when he flew into a rage following his girlfriend's comments after losing a game.

According to reports, his girlfriend was heard off-camera after the 23-year-old lost, telling him that he was taking the game too seriously.

After she commented that he was "looking dumb" to his opponents' fans by showing his temper, Li loses it, overturning his desk as he goes out of frame to confront his girlfriend. Furniture is seen being thrown around the room as the live stream continues.

Vasilii could be heard yelling loudly and presumably beating his girlfriend.

"What did you mean by what you said just now?" he shouts.

"I said it to help you. Have I ever tried to harm you? You beat me over this?" the girlfriend responds, through sobs.

But Vasilii continued in an expletive-filled rant: "I'm gonna beat you to death!", "I'm gonna kill you!" Moments later, Vasilii calmly goes back to the game at his computer, as if nothing had happened.

ESPN reported that game developer Riot Games has since suspended Li indefinitely from competitive play, while Chinese eSports organisation Newbee also terminated Vasilii's contract with the team due to "unprofessional and immature behaviour."

According to the Beijing News, the police were called after the Oct 26 incident but they did not bring Li in for questioning. The 1.93m tall Liaoning native later posted a status on Chinese social media website Weibo, saying "Why does no one pay attention to my strengths? You only like to watch me when I'm doing something rash?"

Photo: Weibo

The post was later deleted but attracted a slew of negative comments condemning Li's lack of remorse.

In a subsequent Weibo post on Saturday (Oct 28), Li apologised for his actions, acknowledging that he had "made a mistake" and his actions had negatively impacted his company's reputation and operations. "I will deeply reflect (on my mistake)".

Photo: Weibo

But it seems this isn't the first time Li has demonstrated his violent temper. In July 2016, Vasilii was fined US$7,500 (S$10,240) after flaring up during a competition, smashing his keyboard and other equipment.

Earlier last year in January, he reportedly wrecked computer equipment at his team's gaming house during a stream.

Talk about anger management issues.


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