Chinese woman blacklisted by Air France for slapping airport worker

A Chinese national, surnamed Zhang, has been blacklisted by Air France for slapping an airport worker, according to Sin Chew Daily.

The woman from Wuhan, Hubei province, showed up 14 minutes late at the check-in counter in Wuhan airport, with her husband and child, for their flight to Paris.

Barred from boarding and advised to change their flight, she stormed behind the counter and slapped the worker on her face repeatedly.

Zhang argued that she was only five minutes late and hurled insults at the worker before she was taken away by police.

The woman, identified as a PhD holder, was held for 10 days.

An aviation company affiliated to the airport also said that it was applying to the Civil Aviation Administration of China to list Zhang under the domestic air blacklist, which would temporarily suspend her from flying with any Chinese airline.

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