Courier in China slapped and beaten for being 5 minutes late

Courier in China slapped and beaten for being 5 minutes late

What will you do if your courier delivered your goods a few minutes later than the stipulated time?

Lodge a complaint? Or slap him or her across the face with your umbrella?

Guess which action this woman took when a courier working for Chinese delivery giant ZTO Express arrived just five minutes later than he said he would.

In the video, the woman can be seen arguing with the courier before she hits him on the head with her umbrella.

That is not the end of his problems, unfortunately.

According to Shanghaiist, as the courier, named Guo Junliang, tried to leave the scene, he was set upon by another man who hit and kicked him in the chest and abdomen.

Those blows apparently inflicted serious internal injuries resulting in incontinence, with Guo forced to go to the hospital after being unable to control his bowels.

The man who launched the second assault is unrelated to the woman, and police are currently carrying out investigations to establish his identity.

This is just the latest instance in a rash of reports about Chinese customers being physically abusive when things don't go their way. The most recent cases being that of a woman slapping an airport staff over her cancelled flight, and a man who brutally slapped a female attendant on board a train.

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