Crowd cheers as Chinese woman catches cheating husband and lover in the act

A large crowd cheers for a Chinese woman armed with a brick and her marriage certificate as she confronts her cheating husband and his girlfriend in a car.
PHOTO: Photo: Handout

A video of a woman catching a cheating husband and his lover in the act has gone viral on mainland Chinese social media.

On June 26, a woman, surnamed Li, 41, from Langfang, Hebei province, northern China, smashed the window of a car in the street with a brick, drawing a crowd of onlookers.

In videos posted online, Li stopped the car in which her husband and his lover were sitting and began yelling at her husband who was in the driver’s seat.

The woman banged on the car windows and yelled at the couple inside as a crowd gathered to watch with some people filming the incident. Photo: Toutiao

“She can only be a lover as long as I still have our marriage certificate,” Li was heard shouting. “You are shameless to take her to a hotel with me knowing!”

Li then began punching the car windows after yelling at the two to get out of the vehicle, attracting a large crowd.

Later, Li found a brick and began using it to smash the car windows, threatening the pair if they did not get out.

“Don’t hurt your hand,” one onlooker told Li, as the crowd applauded her.

The woman later clarified in a live online video that she was more angry that her husband would not leave with her when she confronted the couple than she was about the cheating. Photo: Toutiao

According to a witness, Li had followed her husband and his lover from a nearby town.

Finally, the police arrived and took the pair in the car and Li into custody.

In a June 29 live stream, Li said she lost her temper after her husband refused to leave with her.

“He should have gone home with me because I had already caught them,” Li explained. “But he insisted on leaving with his lover.”

“If he had explained and consoled me, I would not have made a scene in the street.”

Li said that her husband has been unemployed for over six months and the money in their bank account was running out.

“If I divorce him now, it means I’ll be left with nothing after 10 years of marriage,” she said.

The cornered couple did not exit the car until police arrived in the scene. Photo: Toutiao

Many people supported Li, while others advised her to file for a divorce.

“She wouldn’t be acting like this if she was not being pushed hard,” one person commented. “The man and his lover will face repercussions.”

Another wrote: “You should divorce him as soon as possible and find ways to fight for your interests.”

According to Ministry of Civil Affairs data, around 9.5 million couples in China registered for marriage in 2020 , while around 4.2 million couples filed for divorce in the same year.

To stop the divorce rate from rising, a 30-day divorce cooling-off period was introduced in the Civil Code in the beginning of 2021, requiring a couple seeking a divorce to wait for 30 days before finalising the procedures.

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.