'Dad, stop beating me' viral video happened in China, not Malaysia

PHOTO: YouTube screengrab

PETALING JAYA - A video of a terrified toddler screaming in pain as a man repeatedly assaults her in bed did not happen in Malaysia.

The one minute and 14 second video showed a little girl dressed in only her underwear repeatedly crying "no" and "dad, stop beating me" while the man lands a barrage of violent punches on the back of the helpless child.

The man, whose face is not shown on the video which is making its rounds on WhatsApp, is seen grabbing the girl and slamming her against the bed while raining loud punches on her.

The disturbing footage also shows the man choking and slapping the girl while she struggles to breathe.

At one point, he even asked her "is it comfortable?"

A quick Google search with the word "dad, stop beating" in Mandarin showed that the abuse took place on Saturday (July 21) in China's Guangxi province.

Chinese media reported that the 26-year-old man had recorded the abuse in a fit of drunken rage and sent the video to his ex-wife.

It said he had brought his daughter to Jingxi city to look for his ex-wife.

After a night out drinking, he returned to the hotel room to see his daughter crying in bed and started beating her.

Chinese media reported that the Guangxi Public Security Bureau has since detained the man for abuse.