Fake doctor jailed for 6 years for raping female patient in China

Luo Ping injected the woman with a sedative before raping her.
PHOTO: Pixabay

A fake doctor has been jailed for more than six years for raping a female patient after sedating her at a private hospital in southwest China.

Luo Ping was found guilty of rape, theft and using a false identity by the Shangliu People's Court, Red Star News reported on Monday.

He was sentenced to six years and four months in jail and fined 4,000 yuan (S$800).

Luo, whose age was not given, had used a fake ID and medical licence to get a job at the hospital in Shangliu, a district of Chengdu, Sichuan province, the report said.

He worked there from 2016 until his arrest last year, and also owned a clinic in the area.

On May 10, the woman was taken into a room at the hospital to have a treatment for body odour, according to the report. The court heard that Luo injected her with a sedative and once she was asleep he raped her.

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When she woke up, the woman realised what had happened and tried to call police, but Luo took her phone and attempted to negotiate with her. The woman refused and ran out of the room to get help, while Luo fled, dumping his phone and uniform in a rubbish bin outside, according to the report.

He was arrested two days later in Yilong county in the city of Nanchong, more than 230km away.

The case has sparked outrage on social media, with many people commenting that the sentence was too lenient. "Only six years for rape - can women have a little more respect?" read one comment on microblogging platform Weibo.

Another said: "This doctor is worse than an animal. I think he should be given life imprisonment."

Others questioned why the hospital had not been held accountable.

There have been other cases of female patients being raped by doctors in China. In 2015, a doctor surnamed Hao was detained in Qingdao, Shandong province for raping a woman who had been seeking treatment for infertility.

In another 2015 case in Bengbu, Anhui province, a doctor surnamed Liu was jailed for 11 years after he was found guilty of raping a 21-year-old woman four times over seven days, resulting in a pregnancy, to "treat" her for insomnia.

Lawyer Zhou Hao, from W&H Law Firm in Beijing, told news website Thepaper.cn there were cases where the police did not have enough evidence to arrest a doctor after a rape allegation was made.

"Cases where patients have been raped by a doctor while they were being treated in a private place are difficult unless there is a witness or the victim goes to police in time with physical evidence," he said.

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.