Father bounces son in stockings to prove their durability, divided opinions on the internet ensue

A video has gone viral among netizens in China showing a man bouncing his young son up and down in a pair of stockings.

In the eight-second video, the man is shown holding up a young boy fully covered in a pair of stockings, while advertising the strength and elasticity of the stockings as he bounces the boy up and down.

It was later revealed in an interview that the man, surnamed Cheng, is a stockings sales manager who is struggling with business and the boy is his son. 

According to Cheng, he took the opportunity when the entire family was home for the holidays to have his children help him film the short clip. Cheng coaxed his son into climbing into the pair of stockings while his daughter was in charge of the filming on a mobile phone.

Photo: Youtube Screenshot

The video has since spread across the internet garnering the attention of Chinese netizens and a mixed range of comments.

Just helping out with the family businessPhoto: Youtube Screenshot

Some of the comments expressed anger with the father stating that Cheng could not possibly be the boy's real father, and that this particular business tactic was a failure.

Photo: Dapenti

Translation: First comment reads "not his real dad" and second comment says "Totally not a selling point".

Others praised both the child for his maturity and understanding of the situation, and the product itself for its sturdiness:

Photo: Dapenti

Translation: "It's not easy doing a business. The kid is sensible" (first comment) and "What a strong business tactic. Not sure if sales will be good. Look at the terms of other stockings being sold: They look good but tear easily" (second comment).

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