Girl, 5, admitted to ICU after falling from indoor playground in China

A 5-year-old girl suffered head injuries and extensive fractures after falling from an indoor playground in Dennis Department Store, a shopping mall in Zhengzhou, China.

The girl, whose surname is Meng, suffered fractures to her face, jaws and forearm and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a hospital, according to Beijing Time.

Photo: Weibo screengrab

Meng had gone to the mall with her aunt when the girl decided to have a go at the indoor playground named "冒险家欢乐园" (Adventurer's Happy Park). The structure is about three storeys high, built and supported by steel pipes. 

Photo: Weibo screengrab

According to the aunt, Ms Zhao, she had asked an employee to keep watch on the girl as it was the her first time attempting the challenging obstacle course.

While waiting at the side, Ms Zhao said she suddenly heard a loud sound, then saw the girl lying on the ground.

The girl vomitted blood after landed on the hard flooring of the mall, said Ms Zhao, and she immediately called the ambulance.

An employee in one of the shops nearby who witnessed the incident said the girl was wearing a safety helmet when the incident happened so there wasn't much blood, and the girl did not cry until paramedics arrived.

After paramedics and doctors examined the girl's injuries at the scene, she was transported to the ICU in Zhengzhou Yihe Hospital, according to Henan100.

A doctor who was interviewed said the girl is currently unconscious and is being monitored closely as her vital signs have not stabilised.

The cause of the incident was reportedly due to the incorrect placement of safety ropes, which could otherwise have saved the girl from falling.

"The employees have admitted that the playground was in operation without adherence to safety regulations," Ms Zhao commented.

The indoor playground has since terminated their operation temporarily to "conduct checks and maintenance", according to a sign on the premises.