Hong Kong barber admits cutting woman's hair on bus but denies it was assault

Allen Yu told the magistrate he would not be hiring a lawyer to represent him.
PHOTO: South China Morning Post

A Hong Kong barber who chopped off a woman's hair while they were travelling on the same bus has denied it was an assault.

Prosecutors accused Allen Yu Kam-lun, 65, of assaulting fellow passenger Ting Wai-lam while they were on Citybus route 107, commuting from Kowloon Bay to Wah Kwai Estate in Aberdeen on January 13.

On Thursday, the barber admitted to giving a haircut but pleaded not guilty at Eastern Court to one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

"I only cut her hair once," he said. "I didn't hurt her."

The court did not hear further elaborations as Principal Magistrate Peter Law Tak-chuen stopped Yu from divulging details and instead scheduled the case for a one-day trial on September 11.

Four witnesses are expected to testify.

A Citybus spokesman had said there were about 100 people on the bus at the time of the incident.

Yu said he would not be a hiring a lawyer to represent him.

But the magistrate warned him to think carefully about his decision.

"You're facing a serious offence," he said.

"A serious offence," Yu repeated.

"If convicted, the court cannot rule out imprisonment," Law replied. "Don't let your guard down."

Assault occasioning actual bodily harm is punishable by three years' imprisonment upon conviction in Hong Kong.

This article was first published in South China Morning Post