How Chinese internet users are teaching the world to peel fruit

You may have learned a new way to peel a pineapple recently, so here’s a guide to eating five other types of fruit.
PHOTO: South China Morning Post

Some fruits are quite a pain to eat. Perhaps that is why a video of a woman casually pulling out mouth-watering chunks from a pineapple has recently gone viral on Twitter.

While many people buy the canned variety to avoid getting their fingers pricked by the fruit's tough and spiky skin, she made it look incredibly easy.

The video, from Chinese video platform Douyin, was reposted on Twitter.

Many Twitter users tried to imitate the way she did it, but with varying degrees of success.

Chinese internet users have come up with other creative ways of eating fruit and posted them to the video app, according to Douyin's parent company ByteDance.

Here are five other practical tips on how to eat fruit stylishly and without making a mess.


One common way to eat a mango is to peel off the skin and dig your teeth into the juicy flesh until they hit the giant seed in the middle.

Some people avoid the seed by halving it vertically and cutting little squares so they pop out when you push from the back of the skin.

Douyin users do things differently. First place the mango horizontally before cutting in the middle around the seed. As they gently twist the two halves, one half naturally comes off the seed and appears like a hollow bowl of mango flesh. Then just use a spoon to scoop up the yellow flesh.

Cut the middle of the mango around the seed and twist the two halves apart.
Photo: South China Morning Post
Cut around the grapefruit to get the skin off.
Photo: South China Morning Post


There are two ways of opening the sweet and slightly bitter fruit.

First, don't worry about peeling the skin. Cut off the top and bottom part of the fruit and halve them into two thick slices. Make an opening along the radius of the slice, then unfold and straighten the skin to extract the pink flesh.

You can do the same when eating oranges and other citrus fruits.

The second way helps you peel the skin more easily. Take your knife and go around the circumference of the fruit, but cut only the skin and not the flesh. The ball of flesh will be separated from the skin in no time.

The strawberry stem can be easily removed by poking a straw through the fruit.
Photo: South China Morning Post


When you struggle to remove the stem from a strawberry neatly, try using a straw and push it through from the bottom to the top to get rid of it.

You will get a tube of strawberry flesh inside the straw, but you can always bite off the red bits and leave out the stem to avoid any wastage.

Squeeze a mangosteen in the middle.
Photo: South China Morning Post


Hold the fruit with both hands and squeeze it in the middle to pop it open. Hold the tip of the stem as the red skin comes off and reveals the white flesh. This simple method also works for lychee and longan.

Cut a kiwi open and scoop up the flesh to save time.
Photo: South China Morning Post


OK, this one everyone kind of knows already - but just in case! Forget about peeling off the hairy green skin, just cut the green fruit in half and scoop the flesh out with a spoon.

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.  

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