'It's my choice': 29-year-old man in China lives in a tent after quitting job


Some people want to live in a world of luxury, while others are contented with the simpler things in life. 

This man in China, however, has gone extreme with his choice of residence after quitting his job. 

Li Shu, 29, has been living in an orange tent at a disused car park in Sichuan for more than 200 days, reported Tencent News this month. 

The man said that he has been unemployed since the end of 2018, and he began living outdoors after his savings ran out last year. 

Apart from a cooking stove and an aluminium pot, Li shared that his most expensive possession was the second-hand tent that cost him 400 yuan (S$77).

The man placed a notice on the side of the tent: “If you want me to move away, do call me. Anyway, I live here temporarily. If I offend you, I will be very sorry and will leave immediately."

While he spends just 10 yuan a day, Li shared that he is still able to cook dishes such as noodles, dumplings, and even a hearty beef hotpot.

Li also declined his friends' offers of accommodation and financial support, saying: “It's my choice [to live in a tent]. 

"When you let go of unfulfilling pursuits in life, you will slowly feel peace and become used to changed circumstances. It’s relaxing." 

After Li's choice of residence had gone viral, several netizens were concerned if he had experienced "some kind of trauma. 

"Just too hard, better be a monk," one of them said, while another pointed out that "there isn’t a right or wrong way to live."

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