Jack Ma to star in Chinese martial arts film

Jack Ma to star in Chinese martial arts film

Alibaba founder Jack Ma is about to realise his dream of being a tai chi master - in a movie, that is.

Ma, 53, will star in an upcoming short film alongside some of the biggest names in the Asian martial arts scene such as Jet Li, Sammo Hung, Donnie Yen, and Yuen Woo Ping.

According to executive producer Jet Li, "Gong Shou Dao" - The Art of Attack and Defence - is inspired by tai chi, gongfu and martial arts.

"That night... that dream!" Ma wrote in a Weibo postPhoto: Weibo

With the star-studded lineup, the film aims to promote Chinese culture and pay tribute to the predecessors in these martial arts fields.

If you haven't heard already, the e-commerce tycoon is a long-time fan of tai chi and often makes references to it in both business strategy and corporate culture.

Photo: Weibo/Alibaba Pictures

An active advocate for tai chi, Ma has been conducting classes to teach its philosophy to entrepreneurs. He also set up a lifestyle company with Jet Li in 2011 to offer tai chi courses online, as well as a school that teaches tai chi and martial arts in Hangzhou in 2013.

Ma showing off his moves at his Tai Chi school opening in Hangzhou.Photo: Reuters

Now, his love for tai chi has made it to the big screen.

To catch Ma's movie debut or your favourite gongfu star in action, visit online streaming website Youku in November.



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