Man allegedly tries to rape woman in toilet, gets pinned down by passer-by

A video of a naked man getting pinned down to the floor after allegedly trying to rape a woman in a female toilet has gone viral online.

The video, shared on The News For the World's Facebook page, which has since garnered over 1800,000 views and 19,090 shares, showed a sobbing woman who was escorted by a guard out from a cubicle.

Outside the cubicle, the naked suspect was pinned to the floor by another guard.

Meanwhile, a man could be heard saying in Mandarin: "Such a pity, he is so young and he does something like this."

Several other people were also at the scene, but left soon after, while a civilian wearing a cap assisted a guard in holding the suspect down.

Eventually, the guard left to look for help, while the civilian continued kneeling over the suspect to prevent him from getting up.

It is unclear where or when the incident took place, but some netizens said it happened at a mall in China.

Other netizens also accused the woman of pretending to be a victim, as the two were caught getting intimate in the toilet, reports The Coverage.