Man complains of headaches, discovers nail inside his skull

PHOTO: Pixabay

Sometimes, life has a way of surprising one in ways s/he least expects. A 43-year-old man in Hubei province in China, for example, went to a hospital because of headaches, only to discover a nail lodged in his skull.

Cement factory worker Hu complained of headaches last week, as reported by Chutian Metropolis Daily via South China Morning Post today Oct. 8. Unable to take the pain he was experiencing, he went to Chongyang People's Hospital last Friday, Oct. 5.

Imagine his and the hospital doctors' surprise when his CT scan revealed he has a 48 millimeter nail inside the right side of his skull, the report said. All his other health indicators were normal, which points at the nail as the sole reason for his headaches.

To top things off, Hu has no idea how the nail got embedded in his skull.

"I have no idea why there is a nail in my head," he told the publication. "My job is to monitor the security surveillance cameras in the factory - it has nothing to do with nails."

Hu will undergo an operation in Wuhan to remove the nail.


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