Man sifts through tonnes of rubbish to find Wilber Pan concert tickets after wife accidentally throws them away

PHOTO: Pixabay

A man in Shanghai spent three hours sifting through tonnes of rubbish just to help his wife retrieve two tickets to singer Wilber Pan's concert, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The wife, known only as Qin, received the tickets by post. Thinking that the letter was a receipt, she chucked it into the bin.

She only realised that the tickets were missing the following day.

Rubbish in Shanghai is separated into dry, wet and recyclable categories and is usually stored for two to three days in a waste container before being collected.

Qin's husband, together with staff in the waste container, managed to retrieve the tickets after a painstaking search through three tonnes of dry rubbish.

"Thank goodness we separate our rubbish!" the woman was quoted as saying.