Meet China's Cobra Queen who lives with 1,000 snakes

Meet China's Cobra Queen, Hu Xiaoxia, who owns a snake breeding farm in Chongqing and has been looking after the reptiles since 2014. 

Hu has grown up knowing about snakes and has since bred up to 1,000 different snakes, among them a number of cobras.

Every morning, she will clear the room for snakes, and check the temperature and humidity. 

She also produces snake wine, which locals use to make medicinal liquor. It is believed that snake wine can help dispel wind and eliminate dampness. 

Cobra skin is also considered a heat-clearing medicine in traditional Chinese medicine.

“The cobra is a hyper toxic animal. I am in touch with them every day. You should know what you are supposed to do if you are bitten. You should know how to protect yourself," said Hu.