Move over bike-sharing, here comes 'shared boyfriend'

PHOTO: Weibo

After sharing bikes, sharing umbrellas, sharing cars, can you guess the latest entrant in the sharing economy? Maybe not.

A man wearing the Spider-Man costume appeared in Sanlitun area of Beijing on Chinese Valentine's Day with a board saying he's a "shared boyfriend who can perform all duties of a boyfriend - although for a charge.

On the board, he listed several items along with the price. Holding hands once cost one yuan (S$0.21), hugging three yuans and kissing 7 yuans.

He also offered service as a companion. The Spider-Man can go shopping, eating and watching movies for around 30 yuan per hour.

Photo: Weibo

If anyone needs him to show off in front of their ex-boyfriends, he can do the job for 77 yuan per time.

A woman, who paid for hand-holding, jokingly said it seemed he took advantage as he held her hand for half a minute.