Newborn baby falls on road after woman pulls pants down to deliver in public

PHOTO: Video screengrabs

Barely a month after a woman made headlines in China for giving birth on the streets, another woman shocked the public for delivering her baby in a similar manner.

In a video clip that was circulated online, a baby was seen falling on to the ground just as the woman pulled her pants down to her knees.

After the delivery, she was seen squatting down and calmly looking at her newborn son who laid in a pool of blood and amniotic fluid.

Passersby could also be heard shouting "Hurry, (get help)!" when they realised the baby's umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.

One of them found a rice sack for the woman to sit on and covered the infant with a piece of clothing while others called the police, Taiwanese media reported.

The clip is believed to be filmed in China but it is unclear where and when the incident took place.

However, it was the mother's reaction to the sudden birth that sparked a heated discussion online.

Many netizens were concerned whether the baby was injured from the fall while others said that the mother appeared to be unconcerned about her child.

Some of them also questioned the woman's mental state and speculated that she was suffering from a mental disorder.